Oh my goodness, yes, that is perfect tea….Introduction

Due to some dental work and health issues surrounding how strict I must be about sugar and white flour ERADICATION from my diet at all times, I have 3-4 cysts on my face again. This happenstance is complicated; I forgive you if you contributed to my ill health.

I am drinking rosemary and lemon tea. I am choosing rest for my soul; in other words, I am sitting in my office drinking the tea while it is hot.

The books reminded me easily enough that I’m supposed to be reading them. So James Herriot’s Treasury for Children is going with the poetry and letters of Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning. Love you!!

I am choosing to sit and enjoy tea and patchouli, art my little tea recipe, and rejoice because I made enough for some two more days, it is in the refrigerator in a very clean quart jar.

I also have some Persian Tea from Monkey’s Nest in another jar awaiting ceremonial tea times.

And I have questions: first of all, what is the difference in comfort in our souls and emotions when we drink teas and when we drink coffees? Because there is a difference, and most Americans are clueless to the nuances of their emotional wellbeing.

Secondly, can you discuss something like this with friends at work, at your coffee shops, and etc? I think a book club would work well also.

notice I did not light candles. This is ministry to myself alone; I love myself, I forgive my enemies, and I learn as I mentor. This is a constant “job” as both mother and sorceress.

Intellectually, I have many years experience nurturing both myself and others even when we must take artificial helps, called medication. I also have nurturing relationships with my family doctor and my therapist.

8:27 AM I want to get up from here. I am tired all of a sudden. They don’t know about the conversations I required with someone gone to work now; and, that is all I will say.

I am forgiving others. I need a nap but I will persevere here too, it is such a small thing and for my birthday, we are on Spring Break but I am angry because I was forced into another private school’s spring break earlier, and so now our school year must be extended.

Then I am thankful because I CAN extend it, and so I will light a candle now for ALL SCHOOLCHILDREN!1!

8:44 amc RoseMary, the Sun, and Cara (smile)

This blog will house the book reviews of the Barrett-Brownings, James Herriot, and my herb books.

They will be separate blog articles; and, I was given great and deep humor in a difficult time many years ago when I read James Herriot. There is no better author for Pagans imho.

Love you all, take care of yourself and your loved ones, whomever they are, today, and let us choose a little happiness with our joy.